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Engaging us as your human resource function allows you to focus on the things you do best.
We act as your trusted partner handling all items
HR related.

Human Resource Partner

A functioning Human Resource department is essential to growth of your organization and the engagement of your employees. For small to mid-sized organizations this can be expensive.

Hiring us to oversee this function brings specialized expertise at a fraction of the cost. We offer an expansive knowledge base, objectivity, new ideas, and fresh perspective.

Here are some of the things you can expect from us as your full Human Resource Partner:

• Development of Strategic Vision

• Identification of Resources and Needs

• Recruitment Process
   – Development of Job Descriptions
   – Position Postings

• Phone Screening and In-Person Interviews

   – Behavioral Based Interview Questions

• Reference and Background Checks

• Assistance With Offer of Employment Development
   – Competitive Local Industry Compensation Practices

• Onboarding
   – Define the Culture of the Organization to the New Employee

   - Orientation

• Handbook

• Employee Engagement and Development

• Performance Management

• Ending of Employment

• Maintaining Compliance

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