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We specialize in assessing the needs of your organization as well as the culture into which we are bringing a new recruit so as to find the right fit for your organization. We have a proven process for the organizations that we work with and have successfully maximized our retention rate. From the moment we begin working on job descriptions, to posting a position, screening and interviewing we work directly with you so as to ensure the right cultural fit for your organization.

Often times dealing with employee relations issues can be difficult and daunting. We have extensive experience in identifying and addressing employee relations issues including under performance and negative attitudes. We can assist with identifying the root issue, quantifying and setting aside the emotions and set expectations and a progress plan. We are thorough and professional and find that this process corrects inappropriate behavior, and it helps provide structure and productivity in your workplace.


We can provide the following to assist you:

  • Culture Development

  • Retention Strategies

  • Career Development Path

  • Intergenerational Communications

    • Navigating Y's and Z's and X's and Boomers working together under one roof!

  • Mentoring and coaching your staff

  • Develop a plan for regular feedback, including performance reviews

  • Work on developing open and honest communication

  • Change management strategies

  • Employee engagement and empowerment

  • Fairly, assertively and promptly addressing workplace challenges and problems.

Addressing declining performance or poor personal skills is an unwelcome but necessary to the overall health of the team. Unacceptable performance and conflicting relationships can quickly impact the productivity and workplace environment for the entire group. We look forward to helping you develop proactive way to address issues and maintain a happy productive environment.

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Employee Relations

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Legal issues such as equal opportunity, workplace harassment, and discrimination require investigation. While we do not give legal advice we have extensive experience surrounding the various aspects of employment and labor law and will advise when and why to get an attorney involved.


We conduct thorough and professional investigations into these matters so as to assist in protection your 

organization, as well as to maintain compliance and structure within. As part of the investigation process, we do extensive interviews with those parties directly involved in a particular issue and provide recommendation to address the situation.

Human Resource Audits measure the health of your organization. They are useful for identifying gaps, determining what is needed to more smoothly function and to achieve your business goals, and confirming what processes you currently have in place. HR Audits assess your effectiveness, reveals areas of improvement, and highlights opportunities. Upon completion of an audit we provide you with recommendations that help you stay compliant, increase productively, engage your employees, and that will in turn directly affect your bottom line.

For more information on specific deliverables from an HR audit please contact us today!

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HR Audits

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